Submit Medical Claims Directly to WPS

Medicare Part A Legacy (EDI) is moving from Mutual of Omaha to WPS Insurance Corporation EDI effective February 1, 2009.

Providers may submit their files through:

  • The WPS Bulletin Board System (BBS)
  • VisionShare

All 837Direct clients will be able to submit EDI  Electronic medical bills directly to WPS using one of the three submission modes. Clients will need to complete a self-registration process on the WPS Trading Partner System (WTPS) to prepare for transaction testing and production medical claims submission. WTPS is located at the following URL:

After registration has been completed on WTPS, you will receive a 5 digit submitter ID and password to connect to WPS EDI.

You may begin submitting test medical claims to WPS EDI starting October 1, 2008, and begin submitting production files once approval is received.

Providers are encouraged to start testing now to avoid delays. Early testing may guarantee that your transition is completed prior to 2/1/2009.

For WPS EDI transition related questions please contact WPS at 1-866-734-6656 or you may contact us

For additional details regarding this update visit:

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