TeleHealth Connect Keeps Patients Connected and Happy

MEDTranDirects new telecomunications product TeleHealth Connect is designed to allow Patients to communicate with their healthcare providers via the internet. 

Patients get all the benifites of an office visit with out the hassle of commuting and scheduling.


Barbara Dameron of TX says “What a great way to stay in touch with our doctor!! With TeleHealth Connect we can get our questions answered without having to play phone tag with our provider. In addition we love the privacy this provides. GREAT JOB!! ” 

Medical Claim Tracking Tool from Emdeon

Emdeon Vision for Claim Management is a new, free, self-service tool available to providers.  Track your claims from submission through payment. 
This tool allows you the same claim views as payers.

Vision Suite for Providers allows access to the previous fifteen months of claims data online.


If using 837Direct to submit claims to Emdeon, this will be available to you.

For inquiries, please contact us at

Drastically Reduce Remittance Processing Time with 835Direct

Published in MEDITECH bulletin June 2010 issue


One vital element of receivables management and cash flow is the processing of insurance payments.  Timely posting of accurate payment and adjustment information can accelerate cash flow by advancing the patient account to the next stage of billing or collections.  Although HIPAA implemented a standard format for electronic remittance of data, the ANSI 835, a majority of the remittance documentation received by hospitals today is still on paper.

The healthcare industry spends 15% of each dollar on payment processing compared to only 2% in retail industries1.  Of the remittances processed by healthcare facilities, 80% – 90% are still provided on paper.

Paper insurance remittances are generally translated manually into payment and adjustment transactions for each documented account.  This process is very time consuming and prone to error.  In addition, vital details about these payments are often excluded in the interest of time.  For example, charge level denials and other detailed adjustments that are often available in the electronic remittances or on the paper equivalent are often summarized or excluded. Continue reading