5010 Testing Tools

Do you really know if you can create a valid 5010 837 claim or not?


Are you really comfortable taking your vendor’s word?  There are ways to verify that this is correct.  First ask your vendor to step you through the process of creating a 5010 using your existing software.   Don’t simply accept a file they create for you, even if it contains your own data.  As far as you know, this file could have been created manually.

Here are two products among many that have been designed to assist you in validating these files.  They are both easy to use and provide detailed results that can be sent back to your vendor.

You simply provide the 5010 claim as input and they will process the file and tell you if they pass or if they have any errors.  If any errors are present, you can assume that your medical bills will be rejected when they are tested by any of your payers.  If this is the case, it is best that you know now rather than later so you can deal with this issue.

If you can’t create a valid 5010, please contact us, our medical billing software help and without replacing any of your existing software.

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