Medi-Cal 5010 Delay Announcement


If you haven’t heard, Medi-Cal has announced that they will not accept claims submitted in the 5010 format after 1/1/12 and that providers should plan to continue to submit Medi-Cal electronic medical claims in the 4010 format for up to one year.

Medi-Cal 5010 Delay Letter

This presents some unique problems for California hospitals and other institutions where payer readiness is an issue.

What will happen at your facility when some payers require 5010 claims and others will not accept them?

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Secure Message Therapy Yields Good Results

ScienceDaily (Sep. 27, 2011) — Treatment via the Internet enables many more patients to get help with their depression, new research suggests. This has been established by the psychologist Fredrik Holländare, who has studied the effects of Internet-based CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) both on ongoing depression and for preventing relapses. The findings are presented in a doctoral dissertation at the School of Health and Medical Science at Örebro University.

“The purpose of Internet-based treatment is not to replace traditional therapy, face to face, for those who need it. But for many people it is an equally good, even better, alternative, since they can choose their own time and place,” he says.
“There is no single depression treatment that fits everybody. But the more treatments we have, the better the chance of finding the right treatment for the next person seeking help.”
The primary advantage is that more people can get access to treatment that it has created a long waiting list. And for patients who risk relapsing this is an especially welcome improvement, as the shortage of trained CBT therapists limits the possibility of continued treatment. Continue reading