5010 creates challenges for auto posting 835 Remittances

Over the years you may have developed a dependence on the automatic posting of 835s from your major payers to your patient accounting system.  Depending on the number of claims you produce, this service can save you hundreds of hours in data entry time and reduce your error rate.

software costs (1)

With the implementation of 5010, payers are creating their 835 remittancess in the 5010 format as well.  In some cases, you can choose your format for the time being.  In others, switching to the 5010 claim format means a mandatory migration to 5010 835s as well.  Make sure that your auto posting solution can support the 5010 format, preferably, that it can support both 4010 and 5010 at the same time.

It is likely that you will be receiving both formats for a period of time as your payers adjust to 5010 themselves and as you transition from 4010 to 5010 with each payer connection.

The inability to process both file types can put a major stress on your revenue stream. Any delay in posting automatically causes claims to spend unnecessary days in AR and in turn slows secondary claim filing.

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