DDE Eligibility to be discontinued 4/7/14


CMS has recently confirmed their original announcement in September of 2012 that they will no longer be supporting the display of Part A eligibility data through DDE screens used by most healthcare providers to view data in the Common Working File.

This is the link to the original announcement that was updated in April of 2013:


Last year, CMS announced their intent to eliminate Part B DDE access and followed through on schedule in April of 2013.


This new article confirms this similar announcement for Part A DDE and provides a specific date for the retirement of these screens (4/7/14) and identifies the specific screens that will no longer be accessible:



Again, they encourage providers to obtain an application that will allow them to access this data through HETS (HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System).

MEDTranDirect provides a free 30 day trial of HETS access that can be set up without a credit card or any obligation to pay.  Sign up to see what kind of data will be available through this process at:


By Kalon Mitchell – President, MEDTranDirect

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