Medicare dial-up connectivity is being eliminated for 717 area code.

EDI trading partners still connecting to Novitas via the former 717 area code modem telephone number will no longer be able to connect for claim submission and report retrieval as of 12:01 AM Eastern Time (ET) on Friday, August 29, 2014.:


The majority of our trading partners have already made these changes,

Inability to connect for claim submission, remittance and/or report retrieval. and we appreciate your assistance with this effort.  Currently, customers still connecting through the 717 area code telephone number may already be experiencing:

  • Decreased connection quality.
  • Frequent connection time-outs.
  • If your modem is more than four years old, you may need to purchase a new dial-up modem in order to connect.

Customers who have not changed to the new connections should speak to their software vendor immediately to resolve any connection issues you are experiencing.   Additionally, trading partners who are located in the 717 area code will need a long distance phone service in order to connect.

MEDTranDirect is an Approved Network Service Provider for Novitas. MEDTranDirect can provide you with a solution! MEDTranDirect provides secure high-speed Internet connectivity to online inquiry services and the Common Working File (CWF).

MEDTranDirect provides a simple and easy to use product “PayerLink” that provides access to: DDE, PPTN, VIPS, HETS, and Claims file transfer.


By Aaron Brandwein – Vice President of Sales and Marketing, MEDTranDirect


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