CAQH CORE Offers free EFT Enrollment Tool

On the CAQH CORE web site, there is a tool that allows providers to enroll in EFT with multiple payers in a single step. This link will take you to the site:


After you create an account, you can upload an image of a check, select the payers you want to enroll with from their list, and the enrollment information will be sent to each one.

When your banking information changes or if you want to enroll with additional payers, you can log back into the tool and make these changes quickly.

The CAQH CORE site also includes valuable information on the ACA operating rules and the new standard CARCs and RARCs for 835s updated this month.

Visit their site and learn more about how to leverage these tools for your remaining payers. Visit our web site or contact us to learn how 835Direct can leverage your 835 data obtained through this enrollment to manage denials, COB transactions, EOB processing and data mining of all revenue and adjustment transactions for these enrolled health plans.


By Kalon Mitchell – President, MEDTranDirect

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