MEDTranDirect Introduces All Payer Eligibility

This upcoming weekend, effective 9/29/14, MEDTranDirect is releasing our new All Payer Eligibility Module to selected PayerLink customers.  This new module will allow you to execute eligibility transactions for payers other than Medicare.  This includes all state Medicaid programs and hundreds of commercial payers.


Like the HETS system for Medicare, you can get real time results for these payers in seconds, reducing the errors associated with providing services and submitting claims without verified insurance information.

Like the other PayerLink modules, there are no setup fees, transaction fees, or contracts.  A free trial is available for customers who wish to try this service.  The trial allows you to select any covered payer, enroll for eligibility services, if required, and conduct up to 10 free transactions.  HETS (Medicare Eligibility) is required for the new All Payer Eligibility module so if you do not currently have HETS, it will be provided during the trial period.

If you are paying for PayerLink by invoice, you will receive the new module this weekend and your free trial will be available through the end of October.  If you pay by credit card, the new module will be released by the beginning of November and your free trial will begin when you activate the module.

This is an optional service and you will not be charged without your written (email) request to add All Payer Eligibility to your PayerLink account(s).  All Payer Eligibility is $95 per month($55 for Medicare-only), but bundled discounts apply to users of multiple PayerLink modules.  If you have any questions, please contact our sales or support departments.


By Kalon Mitchell – President, MEDTranDirect


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