ICD10 Implementation – Possible Delays Pending

With just a few months to go until ICD10 implementation, there is still some chance that implementation might be delayed yet again.

On 4/30/15, Representative Ted Poe of Texas introduced a bill to ban the use of ICD10.

The bill is called the “Cutting Costly Codes Act of 2015”. It prohibits the federal government from requiring the use of ICD10 instead of ICD9. Poe claims that the implementation of the new code set will put unnecessary strain on the medical community.

Possible Delays Pending

The AMA(American Medical Association), in a letter dated 5/14/15, expressed support to Ted Poe for this “courageous” stand against change.

The original ICD10 deadline was set for October 2011, then October 2013, then October 2014, now October of 2015. CMS has been ready for ICD10 for years, fine tuning their systems as they wait for the standard to be implemented.

Many healthcare organizations, system vendors, and health plans are currently testing their completed systems for ICD10 compliance. CMS just completed its second of three periods of end-to-end testing for claims containing ICD10 codes. The final period is in July. Millions of dollars have been spent on training healthcare providers and staff on the use of these new codes.

We have long passed the point where any costs associated with implementation of ICD10 might outweigh the costs of banning, or even delaying the implementation of the new code set, as representative Poe suggests. This last feeble attempt to avoid the inevitable reminds me of high school when the one or two people who did not study tried to convince the teacher to delay the test for the entire class. Well, Ted and the AMA, the rest of us are ready for the test and you had as much time to prepare as the rest of us. It is time to bite the bullet and move forward. None of the rest of us want to forget what we learned and study over again in the future, just so you can catch up.


By Kalon Mitchell, President – MEDTranDirect